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    Thursday, December 28, 2006

    weee~ x'mas is over n new year is coming soon! another year jus passed lik that...zzz

    anyway i bought gene a rubber bracelet...i mean not literally rubber...its lik the band is rubber then the middle part is some steel or smth. Bought it from couple's lab. Bought one for myself too but so fricking suay! lik jus ystd was my 1st time wearing it n the bracelet kinda lossen and slip from my wrist while i was on gene's bike so now im bracelet-less....grrr~

    Damn im so out of things to blog about. Its lik in a flash, my hols is gone ..with all the time spent on dance, work n gene..bah...kindda uneventful i tink. And with the stupid super-monsoon season..everything seems boring *sighs* I WAN THE SUN!!! TO HELL WITH ALL THE DOWNPOUR N WIND! [practically every morning i wake up to a typhoon scene outside my window] i tink everyday i end up lik this

    Bah since i ain't in such a good mood i might as well blog bout all the shit that happened recently.

    Case 1: Use of handicap toilets

    Think jus last wk xing; eve n i went to bugis. Then the 3 of us wanted to go toilet n the ladies was packed. So Xing suggested going to the handicap toilet. As she approaches the toilet n proceeds to open it, this malay man standing jus outside the nursing room n handicap toilet snapped at her n said

    " can't you see this is a handicap toilet n use the normal one "

    i heard him saying that n i'm seriously bu shuang. I mean pls, there's nobody using the handicap toilet anyway and since the toilet is packed cannot use meh. Handicap toilets are built for the convinence of the handicaps meaning handicapist can still use the normal toilet if they want to ain't it. PLus its not lik we're holding up a handicap parking space which will take hours. Using a toilet doesn't even take u 5 mins.
    It jus lik handicap tables at food courts. Ever even seen a vacant handicap table during peak lunch hours? NO! Ppl jus use that table anyway ain't it. Same goes for toilet. Anybody can use the toilet, its jus that those toilets are built for the convience of handicapist. And its not as though we wouldn't let a handicapist use the toilet. At that time there wasn't even a single handicapist on the scene. If there's any we'll definitely let 'em have the use of the toilet.
    If handicap toilet are handicap exclusive, then why doesn't the governement lik do smth to us who use handicap toilet..Eg. imposing a fine? zzz

    Case 2: crazy auntie on the bus

    On tuesday, i was on my way to sch from dover mrt. So hav to take bus 74. K now..i always hav this habit of standing at the corner of the standing box and double deck buses hav their standing box next to the stairs so end up i got kindda squash at the corner on the crowded bus. But usually no matter hw packed a bus is, everybody would b nice n give each other some space rite..in case some ppl are cleithrophobic. well, this crazy women board the bus and stood jus rite in front of me .

    See! The yellow dot is me n the disgusting green dot is the crazy woman. The distance between me n her is jus one hand. Nope not the arm..as in frm my fingertips to my wrist. YES that near! and she die die lik nid to stand in the box lik dat. so i was already feeling very uncomfortable but i din say anything. However as the bus travel it will get quite bumpy n i kindda nudge her unintentionally a couple of times and trice while i was messaging her back brushed my handphone so on the 3rd time her back brushed my phone she turned back n snapped at me

    " can u stop using your handphone to brush my bag"

    OMG ! disgusting! lik who wants to touch ur icky back with my baobei w850i which has a small portion of 24k gold on it. So i jus told her she's standing too close and she jus gave the lamest excuse by saying she has no choice. NO CHOICE? no choice for wad? nobody's pointing a gun in her head n telling her she muz stand in the box wad. N there's no crowd standing in front of her so she has plenty of space. Crazy lo! N when some ppl standing next to me alight, she moved next to me n continue to give me murderous stares n talking on the phone telling her fren that i kept disturbing her...pls...lik i bother since it ain't my fault.

    but frankly, had she been a man and she gave me that kind of attitude i would hav kicked her down the bus...grrr!

    Case 3: Selfish colleagues

    FUCK I FEEL LIK SLAPPING THAT FAT ASS!! I hope that selfish knn dies of fatness!!! Ok i was actually working on x'mas..YES! x'mas! hw many ppl actually works on x'mas! 4get bout it. The next best thing is, in the whole greenhouse department, only I...a mere taskforce, starts work at fricking 6.30am! while others only come at 9 to prepare for the 2-seating brunch. So practically i tink i would have died from fatigue [i slept at 2am in the morning n woke up at 5am!] but i seemed pretty hyperactive.

    Breakfast was crazy i tell ya cos b/fast wasn't served at the greenhouse but at snappers n the area outside the grand ballroom so table arrangement kindda missing. Nvm..9am al lthe crowd start coming in..nearly died! n some fuck up gst made stupid comments when i told them the palce is pretty packed and they hav to wait a while to get their table. One of the dumbest comment was

    "wad..even a in house gst have to wait?"

    i jus told the fella all the gst that came down for b/fast are in-house gst. Even if some of the gst are not in house gst, i'll still giv them the tbl 1st anyway, i believe in 1st come 1st serve..lalala

    William was damn good la..he din lik say me or anything..even though i think i screwed up i tink then cheryl gave me 1 hr break...shuang! but still quite shag

    so when the 1st seating ended..there i go helping to set up the floor for 2nd seating..bah. n 2nd seating proceeds on.

    so it's lik coming to 2pm..and i kindda thot i would have to knock off since usually 6am shift ends at 2pm. So i was telling my other hostess kylie i go ask my supervisor if i could go off le. Jus then, one of her fren, also working in greenhouse but a captain, overheard wad i said n said

    "aiya...u stay untill 5 la, later we gt party then if u dun stay till 5 who look
    aft hostess stand"

    lik wtf! u mean im suppose to slog my guts out so u guys can go celebrate? even kylie was lik "but she started work at 6.30 eh" but her fren that fat ass kept convincing me to stay.. no way! but anyway sarah my supervisor made me stay till 4pm. but b4 i left..lik bout 3 plus, my asst manager came...another attempt to make me stay and guess wad she said?

    "stay la...now i giv u money to earn u dun wan"

    WTF! u tink money can buy everything! seriously, i nearly blew my top the 2nd time. [1st time was when the fat ass made that stupid comment]


    anyway, gene n i spent the last few hours of our x'mas watching Night at the Museum. Uber nice movie! and the pharoah look damn shuai! look lik aaron kwok! haha! Frankly the movie is really funny so do catch it. Meantime...im waiting for death note 2!! it's out today! L L L L L L L L L L!!!

    ps: i realise i'm not fated with bracelet...gah! Beginning
    of the yr i lost the bracelet gene+melody+jia le gave me for my bdae last yr n now i lost my bracelet...argH!!

    p/ps: Jazreel bought cheryl a death note magazine for her
    bdae and the actor acting as L isn't much of a hunk despite he's character looking all cool, shuai, smart. Wonders of make up i guess

    p/p/ps: screw the earthquake! now i've got even laggier
    network connection!

    bread spoke at Thursday, December 28, 2006