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    Monday, September 18, 2006

    I decided that i shall blog abt smth b4 i go away for 3 days n come bck with stories of giant blood sucking monsters.

    So during this few periods im working, Ritz seem to b a center of attraction of almost everything. Quite a while bck we had the ppl from Clinique Research center down here having meetings for about a wk or so. Frankly, the koreans' skin were ala flawless. Trust me, they dun have a singlespeck of make up on them. The thais n indonesian were a diff story though...i mean well...their skin looks pretty roughen up. But so anyway, they may b the saviours to ur dying skin but seriously, they kill us off at the serivce line. The meeting planners were very fussy n picky, jus made our lives a nitemare. Once i was down at the excuetive office doing some paper work, some ladies were having this coversation

    lady A : hey i bought the new estee launder nite moisturizer!

    lady B: oh god! pls don't remind me or talk to me bout Estee Launder n

    well...guess they affected almost all the deparments in ritz

    Nxt, Ritz welcomed a oouple of korean stars. 1st it was kwon sang woon [or wadeva the spelling is] Tell u the fans are crazy. Kindda remind me of the days when i was foolish, wasting money on chasing 5566 n sylvester sim. Whats more, it wasn't even xiao mei mei chasing the korean guy. If it's xiao mei mei still understanable that they're naive n all but almost 90% ofthe fans were AUNTIES!! YES! AUNTIES!! ladies old enuff to be your mom. SOme korean even flew all the way to singapore just to see him...what the hell!

    Aft mrKwon left, along came SHINWA. yes..shinwa was staying at ritz alright. But when they came down for breakfast jus that once, i din know it was them. THey look lik regular normal korean tourist. In fact they look plainer than that. They're so plain u feel lik splashing paint on them. And i rmb-ed seeing them with reasonably big eyes but well...their eyes jus looked lik this -_____- then..serious! I seriously din know it was shinwa themselves till some fans who camped at the hotel lobby started crowding ard them n having photograph session.

    Yolanda n i were working on the day they check out and gene was doing their check out. So while both of us were looking at gene busy arranging the lauggages on the trolley

    yoyo: i think gene look better than shinwa lo
    me: yea...can't help agreeing.

    REALLY! im not saying that because gene is my bf. Shld try asking him hw often i say he's cute or handsome...actually it's zero...maybe jus a little more. So i were to say gene looks better than shinwa...it's really smth...bleahz!

    And wah la~ IMF started! knn the freaking delegates...who bothers bout them when 1/2 of the major roads in n out of marina area are block out, causing traffic discomfort...i mean it's jus super ma fan to get into that area. Due to this ma fan-ess, business was affected. Do u noe greenhouse's average daily breakfast covers used to b lik 300 plus? NOw with IMF, it's lik 110 a day...CRAPPY~ Lunch was worse, there are some days that the lunch n dinner reservation sheet remains empty.

    Oh, due to security reason, all staff have to be check b4 getting in n i seriously think the police force aren't that efficient n mindful of their work. Because everyday, the department head will submit a hard n soft copy of the staff working in the deparment so the police at the staff entrance can check us. But CRAPPY! sometimes the police jus can't find our name in the system n refuse us entry but we jus sneaked in from other entrance of the hotel anyway..stupid. The lamest thing is u have to scanned eveyrtime u enter the hotel. Once Cory [ greenhouse's cook aka bamboo] finished changing to his uniform n went out to smoke, when he came bck, he had to get scanned again. SO TROUBLESOME!

    Anyway, it wasn't jus the police staff on duty. Coast guards n cisco ppl are involved too. Yo, ida n i were sometimes on the look out for cute uniform-ed guys to talk bout but there isn't a single one! once yo n i thot we saw not bad; NUM figure, nice tan n blush. but as he walked closer, we realise his complexion was so bua bua bua so we gave up the hope of seeing chi uniform-ed hunks. Only the malays can make it

    *note: we were jus bored n needed to find a topic to gossip abt, we stiill love our bfs ok n our bfs will always be the best =) *

    The funniest thing yo n i saw n talked bout were fat police! When i say fat..i mean bout the size of moses lim. ok i lied...they're jus slightly smaller...but still ROUND. So on this particular day yo n i saw a fair amount of fat polise [ lik 5] i told her

    me: u know when police see criminals they'll ask them to freeze but the
    criminal jus runaway anyway

    yo: ya

    me: then the police will run aft them rite...for the fat police, they dun
    run but roll aft 'em

    omg...slap me i tink im evil but sarah, yo n i hada good laugh bout it. Not forgetting, in my opinion, mos cops are despo. THe hostess stand is visible from the side entrance n a few police are always dere to assist the bellmen to use the scanning machine. So sometimes for no reason they'll look in, point at you n nudge each other n discuss bout u...irritating! N once, a bold enough cop asked me for my number while i was out to get newspaper from the bell store..EW~ they're old enuff to b my uncle la!

    Oh well, al lthis would b over by the time im back from camp...Weeeee~ n i think i shall turn in now else i'll b damn shack tmr at camp. be back in 3 days!!!

    b4 i forget...


    bread spoke at Monday, September 18, 2006