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    Friday, December 01, 2006

    I'm 17!!!

    Yes! finally aft 365 days i'm fricking 17! one more year to the almost-all-legal age..hee~

    well compared to the other years i celebrated my bdae as a teenager...this yr was the dopest! wee~ It's lik on the 26th, gene and i went to watch happy feet. Baby penguines are damn cute, totally irresistable! lik lik round fur balls lik dat..look cuddly. B4 that had dinner at swensen's. Ben lai wan to hui wei last time when i was young daddy always order "the firehouse" whenever it's my bro or my bdae. Budden sort of becos of gene...i end it up with ice cream no diff from 3 normal scoop of ice cream..but oh well..nvm..lalala. And we took neos!! lik finally! hehe

    the one on the top left corner is my fave..hahahah!

    Aft the movie straight away rush down to bishan park to meet up with jia le and the rest cos apparantly gene n jia le planned somethings for me la. But well, the objective of the whole thing is, there lik 4 "stations" and at every station they hid a present. So b4 i can go findthe presents, both gene and i have to ans question bout each other. Jia le was an ass ok!!

    its lik 1st question: when was the 1st time u n gene met. I rmb every clearly it was a 19th but jia le gave some stupid mulitple choices that weren't the ans !! wtf! then i gt egged..zzz

    subsequently...i could have been spared from all the crappy punishment budden the 1st one i 4gt kena sabo by who. The question was :wad is gene's ring size

    on my 1st guess i said 13...then i suddenly rmb-ed 17 then i was lik frantically trying to drown somebody's voice with the correct ans while that person keep saying nono 1st ans only..then i kena lo..grr. At least i could've gotten 2 of my questions correctly...gene can't even get any of mine!

    at the end of the 4 stations, i got a red wireless optical mouse, my lost red rip curl lanyard n a red rip curl pencil case...all from gene!!! and not forgetting i got very dirty n wet due to 3/4 pack of flour, at least one can of aerosal party spray, 3 eggs n water..zzz

    ok now here's the best part. I tell ya..i bet nobody came up with this method of presentin a birthday cake! Bishan park has this big big pond n aft the last station, we have to follow a trail of candlelight to the bank of the pond. And then there, they asked me to pull a string..so as i pull, something got closer n closer...guess wad? it's my bdae cake!!

    the thing happened lik this..

    get it?

    damn it's lik so cool la! the guy actually cut styrofoam to make a base n place the cake on it. Then the run strings across the pond tothe opposite bank n attach the cake it the strings..DOPE!! and i heard dat was wei siang's idea i think..haha

    and here's my bdae cake!

    I'm 17!!! it's suppose to b cheescake but the texture is lik spongy spongy de..nt the usual kinds eg. from bakerzin kind. but i asked abe she said there's cheesecake that are lik sponge cake...but well..The cake looked nice! and very nice tasting..hee

    Thks gene dear for everything! and also to jia le, teck yew, eunice n wei siang n jj..WEE~

    but sian la! on the actual day of my bdae i hav eto study for a maths quiz the following day knn#$^(#$^#$^ stupid emu of a maths teacher i have...ROAR!


    Ok~ enuff of birthday talk...DANCE PRACTISE HAV RESUMED! i'm in cls b...not with my fellow baos T_T but there's still peggy ard though..haha. it lik that day went out with xing n peggy cos peggy gotta get her pay. But b4 that they had to settle some committee thingy for nra...while over there...peggy showed us a video which i can't stop laughing at...

    it's actually one of the v6 members and he thot he was gonna meet Michael jackson. Then he realise he was late then whenhe entered the room he saw MJ la [played by leader of v6] The stupid part was the "MJ" trying to do the signature 45 degree incline thingy n he ploped on the floor..fricking crap!

    Then headed to town. On the way, peggy spotted smth...

    dope shoe~...haha! oh and xing totally screw up! cos peggy typed smth on her phone n let xing see then xing read out the msg

    "so still wan to buy cake for mian..."

    then she realise she read everything out then she was lik "oh crap!"..lik kindda ruin the "surprise" for me..haha. So we jus went to bakerzin anyway. AND AND AND!!! thier souffle is ...OMG...heavenly orgasmic!! it's totally warm n fluffy outside and the inside is all warm n moisted with chocolate...HEAVEN! and the oreo cheesecake xing ordered reminded me of my bdae last year...damn i missed dat bracelet!

    Aft fattening ourselves...peg n i went to causeway pt while xing went to her gram's which aft she come meet us. And i saw something real kinky at mini toons..

    yes pls put ur attention on the lower part of the pig...gross~ cabbed down to sch cos xing left her gram's late...dance pract was lik crazy! i sweated buckets! stayed back to practise somemore...then then then!! i mastered this gymnastic move i was trying to learn since my chi dance era. n this time without any assistance. When i did the stunt, all the bboy-ers were lik

    "u can do hollaback! jus try to hang there"

    but when i saw the actual stunt....

    .-______________- "

    siao! how to do! my arms hav no strength!

    and weeeeeee~ gene came to pick me up...hehe


    What we do when we get bored in cls...

    actual experiment...

    abe's trying to b kuku-ish with a burette containing potassium permagnate n water solution...

    wonders of chemistry!

    And now this is wad i call pure boredom..

    original picture...

    under the sea~ under the sea~

    and then i squash kueh

    i pinch him too


    aft all that abuse he's halved

    ok dats all for now...I HAVE TO MUG FOR COMMON TEST!!!LIK OMG!

    bread spoke at Friday, December 01, 2006